How to Create Your Own eNewsletter

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Creating your own eNewsletter isn't as hard as you might think. In fact, with the help of one of the eNewsletter marketing services like iContact image or VerticalResponsead, you could be email marketing tomorrow.

HTML or plain text

The first decision you have to make is whether you want to send out an HTML newsletter or a plain text email. I am personally against sending out HTML newsletters. Here's the reasons why:

  • They can be very slow loading because of graphics
  • Not all computers will support HTML newsletters
  • Many people have the security level on their email set to block graphics (I do) so your newsletter comes in looking like a mess
  • Not everyone has the bandwidth to download HTML emails

However, I have much bigger reasons for not sending HTML newsletters. My newsletter comes in as a plain text message with a teaser paragraph and a link to “more”. Why?

  • It doesn't violate any of the above
  • When people click on the “more” link, it takes them to the article on my website! If you send the whole newsletter to them in the email, you are then forced to come up with some way to get them to come to your website. And what's the point of sending a newsletter if not to get people to your site?
  • Once they are on my site, I have advertisements, products, seminars and links to other articles to keep people on my site. And the longer they are on my site, the more likely they are to purchase a product, order something, or contact me for services.

Now, you may have read that HTML newsletters get a better click-through rate than plain text newsletters. I don't buy it. People don't click on your newsletter because of the pretty graphics. They click on it because you've offered valuable information to your subscribers.

Using an email marketing service

So, again, I highly recommend that you use VerticalResponsead, iContact image or a similar service to create your enewsletters. For one, if you want an HTML newsletter, they have templates you can use so all you have to do is upload your content and they do the rest. Or, you can customize your HTML newsletter with your own logo and/or graphics.


If you want a plain text newsletter, it is very simple. You follow their “wizard”, upload your text, upload the email addresses you want to send to, pay for the emails, and then set the date you want the newsletters to go out.

eNewsletter marketing is all about the content

Now, what do you write in your newsletter? That really isn't difficult. Who are you sending the newsletter to and why? If you're a professional or service firm, what do you have to offer in the way of expertise? What kind of advice do you have?

Where to get article ideas

To find article ideas, just type in your profession or service with the word articles in your favorite search engine and you'll find hundreds of articles to choose from. Simply re-write them in your own words or from the slant of your USP (Unique Selling Proposition).

Or if you're a retailer, do you offer holiday sales? Monthly sales? Weekly sales? Aldi's has a great retail newsletter. It's simple and easy to scan quickly. Any small retailer could imitate Aldi's newsletter and be a winner.

Or better yet, what can you teach customers about choosing the right product for the right purpose? If you sell plasma TVs, what is the right size TV for a certain size room or wall space? What's the best wall color for a background? Or if it's tools, when is it better to use a 12 point versus a 6 point socket? You sell plants? What are the best varieties for sandy soils?

And in each of these cases, you can recommend your product that's best suited for the situation and provide a link to more information about that product with easy purchase arrangements right on the page.

Advertising versus enewsletter marketing

Advertising is about trying to “push” people to your products or service. Always a difficult and expensive proposition. With your newsletter, you can guide them to your product or service. And when they get there feeling informed and helped, they are going to be ready to buy.

Newsletters are a great, inexpensive way to keep in front of your clients or customers. It also lets them know that you are an expert in your field and that your first and foremost concern is keeping your clients informed. That's good PR in any field.

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