Make a Splash Screen That Does What You Need AND Gets
Great Search Engine Placement

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You can create a “splash screen” that directs people to the division of your business they are interested in and is still “eye candy” to the search engines.

Let's say you're a marketing firm with two divisions

I've run across many marketing firms that use a splash screen to direct visitors to whichever division they are interested in. Of course, the only thing worse than a splash page is an all Flash splash page. But I'll leave that to another article.

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Okay, let's say you're a marketing firm that specializes in creating advertising videos in one division and your other division does web design. The first thing you need is a headline that will keep people reading no matter which division they are looking for. Here's a possibility:

Our Advertising Video and Web Design Divisions Create Exciting Synergies For Your Business at Big Bang Marketing

(I've put both keywords – advertising videos & web design - first in the headline so both the search engines and visitors immediately see what you're about.)

Advertising videos and web design don't have to be an either/or proposition when you work with Big Bang Marketing.

(Again, I've used the keywords at the beginning of the opening sentence to use the keywords effectively for SEO and made both of them links so a visitor can choose to go to the division that interests them or continue reading.)

Rather than be a “one trick pony” that can only serve advertising videos or web design , our two divisions often work together to give you more “Big Bang” for your marketing buck.

(While this is really bad "off the cuff" Copy Writing, I'm demonstrating that this is a marketing opportunity to show visitors that the two divisions could work together to multiply the marketing effectiveness of a website)

To return to our story , this is a much more effective way to create a splash page.

  • It's loaded with keywords right up front for Search Engine Optimization
  • It can still direct people quickly to either division through links in the text
  • And it turns the “splash page” into a marketing opportunity to sell both divisions

While all three points may not be attributable to all “splash screen” situations, whenever a web client asks for a splash screen, these options and opportunities should be opened up for discussion.

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