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Article submission sites for business promotion are an advantage for any business. I've been using article marketing for myself and for my clients for years and it's extremely effective. At the bottom of this article you'll find my list of the best article marketing sites. I use these particular sites for two reasons:

  1. All but Buzzle are easy to use
  2. They all have very high PageRank with Google so you get the most search engine optimization and online marketing "bang for your buck."

UPDATE - (6-9-2010) I'm now using an article spinner to take one article and turn it into 250 different articles. Does that sound like an amazing time saver? Read this review of the best article spinner.

Why do I use Article Marketing?

  • As my articles start popping up all over the Internet for my subject, people start to perceive me as the expert.
  • Every time I post an article, it has one, one-way back link to my website from an article site with a very high Google Pagerank - this is GOLD for search engine optimization.
  • It's free SEO.

How can you use Article Marketing?

If you have an employee with some writing skills, give them the job of writing and submitting one article per week. If you're a one or two person shop, you can contract it out or find a freelance writer to write them for you or you can use this easy method to create content for your articles or website.

Below is the list of websites for article submissions to promote your business. Signing up is easy. You create an account with a username and password. Some of these sites let you create a profile. Do so.


They all allow you to put links at the end of your article back to your website. Make sure you do, either in the Resource Box or in the last paragraph. Make certain your keyword phrase for that article is in the headline, the first and last sentence and use link anchor text (if they allow it) for your link back to your website.

And one warning:

DO NOT promote your business in the article. Only at the end in your profile or resource box.

DO NOT submit an article that's a sales pitch for your products or services.

Make sure this is an informative and helpful article of 350-600 words that is on a subject your customers or clients would find interesting and useful. If your article is sefl-promotion in any way, it will be rejected and your account will probably be closed. At the bottom of the page are links to a few articles that are good examples.


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