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Recently, Joel Mullen, an Estate Planning attorney in my BNI group, informed us that he was going to begin marketing himself around a new legal “product” called a “Cabin Trust”.

While the framework it’s created from is nothing new, the idea of using it to create a trust that lays out how a cabin will be treated by siblings in the future is unique.

Sounds fantastic Bob!  I could never have written that in a million years. You are the expert.


Joel P. Mullen
Mullen Law Firm P.A.
Bloomington, MN

The reason he’s chosen to jump on this is because he’s seen so many families torn apart by fighting between the siblings over whether the cabin should be kept in the family or sold and the profits divided between the siblings. And because the concept of the “cabin trust” is brand new, there aren’t any attorneys out there that are marketing themselves exclusively around this new law.

And, of course, there’s a big market for it. Especially in states like Minnesota that have so many lakefront cabins that have skyrocketed in value in recent years.

So it got my marketing juices jumping to figure out the best way to spread the word the farthest for the least cost. And then I got an email from The Learning Annex and the light bulb just about blew the top of my head off!

The Learning Annex was offering a Video Webinar by Carole Anthony on starting a profitable business doing special events and parties.

Here is part of the email:


I've recruited one of the hottest party planners to teach this special video web class on Her name is Carole Anthony. If you’ve ever planned a party/wedding/bar mitzvah/ANYTHING and thought “hey, I could do this for a living”…THIS CLASS IS FOR YOU! This class is also great for anyone working in the field who wants to start their own business.

In this video web class, Carole will cover it all, including how to:

  • Break into the business
  • Attract clients
  • Create a budget
  • Put together a theme
  • Find and secure cool location like museums, lofts, department stores, designer boutiques, etc.
  • And much, much more…

Plus, Carole will offer tips on detailing events to a specific market or genre!

So, what does this have to do with you?

Everything! I have taught live classes before for The learning Annex on subjects ranging from Search Engine Optimization and Web Site Copy Writing to Creating Family Memoir. But they were always local and live. This always limited the number of people I could reach.


Powerful DB Bluebanner

Well, what if you did a live, or in this case, video online seminar for The Learning Annex? Have you ever thought about how many people you might reach that way?

Consider: The only people who would be watching are people who have already proven they are interested in your subject. They paid money to hear your seminar. Talk about targeted marketing!

I can assure you that The Learning Annex will be hearing from me. The question is, will they be hearing from you?

If you want to teach a course for The Learning Annex, follow this link for information about proposing a class to them.

Don’t be intimidated by their list of “famous” people that have taught classes for them.  While they love celebrities because of the big draw, they are also interested in classes by “ordinary folks” and business people if your class is in something they see a lot of interest in.

In other words, don’t think “what class will promote my business”. Think “what subject am I an expert in that will draw the most interest”? I've proposed classes to The Learning Annex that they turned down because they just didn't see enough of a market for it.

Remember, once you prove your expertise in the class, people will contact you to take advantage of your expertise. And if you have a free ebook or a Resources page on your web site they can get excited about, what a great opportunity to get their information.

set up a place on your web site where they have to put in their name and email to get a link sent to them so they can access the free resources or ebook. Now you've got a list of people you can market to!

In addition, you can usually take a minute or two at the end of the class to promote your products or services.

If you need help putting together a webinar, shoot me an email and I’ll help you find the right resources and information to either do it yourself or get some experts to help you.

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