Successful Presentation Skills are Key in Making the Sale

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Guest article by Roshini Rajkumar

Successful presentation skills - During more than two decades as a public speaker and a decade in front of the camera in TV news, you might say I got comfortable in front of a crowd. What I didn’t fully realize then was how uncomfortable many people are about public speaking in front of either a small crowd or a large audience.

As a trainer, I’ve figured out a few things which I think could help the 75% or more people out there who shudder with public presentation fears. Before we examine those things, let me share something else I’ve found interesting as I meet with various professionals in different industries. Their companies give them lots of training in their subject matter…what I call content training. But no one really supports or directs them in presentation skills improvement.

So ultimately, most people are learning more about what they do and what they sell. But they’re NOT learning how to express their topic well to potential customers. That means in the Content vs. Presentation analysis, making the sale goes hand in hand with the best presenter of that product or service. And generally, the people who win the most business tend to be the ones who present their material well…regardless of how well they know their content.


I think you are absolutely amazing.....I was so hit the nail on the head and after just such a short time with me. I hope to send you a lot of business and I want to do a lot of business with you as well......

Kathie Armstrong
Kathies Finds


If you could choose, wouldn’t you prefer to know your CONTENT and also be the best you can be at PRESENTING it? In other words, why not try to match your content knowledge with your presentation savvy? Make each half of the equation come together to create the entire package.

So the next time you prepare for that large group presentation or multi-million-dollar pitch to the VP of Company X, ask yourself this: Have I practiced HOW I want to present the materials as much as I’ve reviewed and KNOW the materials? That involves image, voice, and subtextual message delivery.

When you can match both halves of this equation, you should never fear public speaking, or one-on-one pitching, or even chatting up that gorgeous someone across the room ever again.

Roshini Rajkumar is a media consultant and presentation trainer. She started Roshini Multi Media in 2006 after nearly a decade on-air in television news which gave her insider knowledge of the media.

She is also commercial and voice-over talent.

In June 2007, Roshini joined WCCO Radio's on-air team. Roshini keeps her own performance tuned up through her on-air work and as a keynote speaker and professional emcee.

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