Website Copywriting - Don't Let Your Website be a
Bad First Date

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Website copywriting and dating? What's the connection? I'll give you a hint. Have you ever had a first date with someone and all they did was talk about themselves? How anxious were you to have a second date? Well, if people come to your site and all you do is talk about your company, product or service, guess what they want to do?

Exactly. Go away and never come back. The big difference? They're not sitting in a restaurant or coffee shop where they have to come up with an excuse to leave. They're gone in a click! And they won't be back.

So what do you do? How can you make your website a great first date? It's not as difficult or scary as a first date, I can assure you. And surprisingly, it's not that different from the secret to being a great first date!

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What is the secret to being a great first, second or even third date? Your willingness and ability to listen. And your website copywriting can help your website do exactly the same thing.

Here are the secrets to great website copywriting:

  • Ask questions - asking questions is a great way to get people thinking about what they're really looking for. It also gives you a way to direct them deeper into your site in search of helpful information. This helps you get a commitment from them.
  • Be fascinating - people search the web for information before they search for a product or service. Rather than talk about yourself, talk about the kind of problems people who use your product or service usually have. Give them real-world, helpful information. Why would they leave your site if you were the one who answered their questions?
  • Keep it short - Don't be long winded. In our current, information-heavy society, people have a lot of competition for their attention. If you bore them, you'll lose them. Use short, punchy sentences. Keep your paragraphs to two to three sentences. Break up the page with subheads so they can scan down to the information they're looking for.
  • Be friendly - don't talk like a corporation. No matter how well educated the person reading your copy is, they still talk like a regular person. Don't start using terms like "cyberspaces" and "real-time solutions" and "creative options". No one knows what those terms mean. You'll be spending a lot of nights alone if you talk like that on a first date.

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