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I was watching the wind blowing the leaves around in my yard this morning and a thought percolated up out of the depths of my coffee-stimulated mind.

“What have you done for the SEO on your website, lately?”

No home run in Search Engine Optimization

I have a number of articles on my website on search engine optimization. And one of the points I try to make as often as I can is that SEO is not a one shot deal. You can’t just SEO a site and be done with it. It is an incremental process over time.

And the other point I try to make is that there is no “home run” with search engine optimization. It is the cumulative effect of lots of small changes to your site. So I was thinking, what can I do to add another piece to the puzzle.

Swapping links

Do you have business associates that you trust? People you do business regularly with because you know them and they always do right by you? Are they listed on your website under Trusted Partners or Favorite Resources? Why not?

Take this opportunity to contact your favorite business associates. Are you in a Grapevine or BNI or Genie or other networking group? Ask to swap links with them. In other words, they link to your site and you link to theirs.

This accomplishes two things. For one, when other people link to you, it adds just a little bit of strength to your site with the search engines. Swapping links isn’t as powerful as a one way link to you. However, it helps all of you who are linked together a little bit. And like I said, SEO is cumulative.

We’re all in this together

The other thing it accomplishes is the same as the reason you joined a networking group. It’s a form of giving a referral. Every time someone comes to your site and follows the link to someone else’s site, that’s a referral.

It may not have your name on it, the other person may not find out how the new visitor found them, but every time something like that happens and someone in your group gets new business, it helps everyone in your group. The more prosperous they become, the more business they have to pass around. And that’s what these groups are all about.


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Bob McClain or WordsmithBob, is a retired website copywriter in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. He has focused on developing new, more effective approaches to web writing, web content, web copywriting and Search Engine Optimization. Starting with a BA in Technical Communication and a minor in Creative Writing from Metro State University in St. Paul, McClain has worked diligently to end the use of "corp-speak" and "technospeak" online. His approach is to “humanize” the Web, using real information to guide people to buy rather than turning websites into advertisements that people can easily ignore.
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