Best Post On Small Business Marketing Ever!!!!!!!!!

Small Business Marketing - A Smart BearI just stumbled across the best post ever on small business marketing. Why? Because Jason Cohen of A Smart Bear explained in one blog post what I’ve been trying to get across to my clients for years.

Forget about “corp-speak.” Stop trying to look and sound like a conglomerate with copy no one really understands and phony images of happy people working or standing around in suits and ties.

That’s what you do if you want to disappear. That’s what you want to do if you want to blend seemlessly into the crowd so no one notices your company. That’s what you do if you don’t want any sales.

Just go to his blog and read his post. The guy knows what he’s talking about.

Author: WordsmithBob

Bob McClain or WordsmithBob, has been a website copywriter in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, since 2000. He has focused on developing new, more effective approaches to web writing, web content, web copywriting and Search Engine Optimization. Starting with a BA in Technical Communication and a minor in Creative Writing from Metro State University in St. Paul, McClain has worked diligently to end the use of "corp-speak" and "technospeak" online. His approach is to “humanize” the Web, using real information to guide people to buy rather than turning websites into advertisements that people can easily ignore. McClain is also the creator of Cheap SEO Website Marketing, a website devoted to helping people with the best solutions to DIY SEO at an affordable cost with tips and software reviews. More at Cheap SEO Website Marketing

3 thoughts on “Best Post On Small Business Marketing Ever!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Bob —

    And thanks for sharing Jason Cohen’s post here. What he says is so true — and I spend a lot of time explaining to clients that potential customers/clientele really, really want to know about the people behind the corporate “we speak.”

    I’m starting now to write copy for a client’s new blog. He’s not yet ready to give up his corporate “we speak” website, but he’s agreed to have a separate blog where the human face — his — of the company can be seen and heard.

  2. Yes, Cohen’s message is really important for small business people to hear. The days of trying to be anonymous and pretend to be big are over. especially with all the social media out there. People are looking to be engaged with the businesses they are thinking of working with or doing business with and “corp-speak” tells them nothing.

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