Preventing Spelling Mistakes Spell Checker Misses

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Never trust your spell checker. As a copy writer, I thought a quick first blog on preventing spelling mistakes seemed appropriate.

We are all in a rush these days. We are all hustling, trying to make a buck. We rattle off emails and letters and notes and business coorespondence and thank the gods for good ol’ spell checker.

The problem with Spell Checkers

The only problem is, spell checker is stupid. Yes, stupid. It can’t be trusted to know whether you meant to use your, ...

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There’s No Such Thing As Writer’s Block

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Writer’s block is a myth. It’s a fallacy. It doesn’t exist. Writer’s block is the result of being too lazy to research your subject.

There, I’ve said it. No excuses and no whimpering. If you haven’t done the research, then how can you possibly write about something?

The other stupid excuse for writer’s block is the result of the writer relying on “muses” to produce the work. ...

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Publish Your Own Book for Self-Promotion

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Digital Producer
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This is do-able but it’s a tough road to hoe. However, there are two major benefits. First, it gives you a product to sell on your website and at the back of the room when you do any public speaking. Second, it gives you major credentials.

We all know ...

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Call To Action is Number One Priority in Website Copy

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Google Inc.
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Your call to action is your number one priority when wrting website copy. Or it should be. Too many websites make the mistake of just putting information on a page and leaving it to the reader to decide what to do.


If you ...

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Configurators are hot new tools for small business websites

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Actually, website configurators are not new. But the idea that small business websites can have them is new. I spend a lot of time meeting with the CEOs and management people at marketing firms and web design firms (sometimes one and the same) and the hot topic with all of them now is creating configurators for their clients.

What’s a configurator?

Configurators are those forms you find on websites where you punch a series of buttons and check some boxes and then press a ...

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