How To Create Great Tag lines – 2 Tag lines That “Work And Deliver”

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Branding-TagLines-Image I’ve seen two tag lines recently that really impress me:

VAN EX – Every Time You Call Us…We Deliver

Pro Staff – Talent That Works

Why am I so impressed with these two tag lines?

Because they both operate on more than one level. Let’s do a little quick analysis to see why these two tag lines work and what makes them special.

First, let’s look at VAN EX – Every Time ...

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Bad Marketing Examples #2

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Bad marketing examples belong in the trashTalk about worthless old-school marketing. I’m talking about the Idaho Potatoes commercial with Denise Austin. It’s embarrassing. Get a celebrity to talk about how wonderful your product is. What a useless commercial.

They should take a lesson from HGTV. HGTV commercials are usually “how-tos” for various products or projects. That get’s people’s attention. That gives them something of value that ...

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Publish Your Own Book for Self-Promotion

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Digital Producer
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This is do-able but it’s a tough road to hoe. However, there are two major benefits. First, it gives you a product to sell on your website and at the back of the room when you do any public speaking. Second, it ...

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Marketing Ebook Review – Small Business Marketing ebook

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Review: Small Business Marketing: How to Dominate Your Competition Both Online and Offline

Informative, clear and precise describes the practical marketing information of author, Bob McClain. Professional in format with color and pictures (clip art?) makes this digital book easy to read on line. McClain’s writing is conversational and the information is priceless. Even if you think you are successful as a small business owner now, you’ll find innovative ideas you can use right now.

In addition, McClain provides additional bonuses in ...

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