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google adwords logoGoogle Adwords is losing business…at least in my world. I’ve been contacted by several new clients in the last year who all told me the same thing. Google Adwords is getting more expensive and their results have either been flat or gone down.

Every one of them have asked me to put together an organic search engine optimization program for them to replace their Google Adwords.

Obviously, this is very circumstancial evidence. However, I believe that where there’s smoke, there’s fire. If I’m seeing this, there must be other SEO firms that are seeing the same thing.

I’d be curious to hear if anyone else is seeing the same trend. I’d also think seriously about selling your Google stock.


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Bob McClain or WordsmithBob, is a retired website copywriter in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. He has focused on developing new, more effective approaches to web writing, web content, web copywriting and Search Engine Optimization. Starting with a BA in Technical Communication and a minor in Creative Writing from Metro State University in St. Paul, McClain has worked diligently to end the use of "corp-speak" and "technospeak" online. His approach is to “humanize” the Web, using real information to guide people to buy rather than turning websites into advertisements that people can easily ignore.
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  1. Joshua - PetSittingOlogy  September 29, 2009

    Hi Bob,

    Personally, I’ve recently ran a small Adwords Campaign to test a new product with less than mediocre results. I do believe at least part of the problem is on my end…

    IE. Not knowing the best way to create adword ads for maximum return, not knowing what max bid to use, not optimizing (or split testing) my sales pages…

    All combined made for an unsuccessful run.

  2. Phyllis Zimbler Miller  May 22, 2010

    From what I’ve been studying recently, if a business wants to spend money on search ads, it makes more sense to do so on Facebook than on Google. Thanks to all the personal info that Facebook collects when a person first joins, those ads can be targeted very narrowly — much more targeted than using Google Adwords.

  3. WordsmithBob  May 23, 2010

    Excellent point, Phyllis. Google simply can’t compete with that kind of targeting ability. Too many times I’ve seen Google Ads on a page and either they were direct competitors of the website or they were obviously really off base. It will be interesting in the next couple of years to see if Facebook becomes the new Google and Google has to reinvent itself.

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