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Free ads should be a part of every small businesses marketing program. My clients often turn up their nose when I mention free ads because they assume anything free is low class, low quality, and will give them the same return as what they paid.

Very wrong assumptions.

There are two free ad systems that I highly recommend to clients:

And here’s why I value them both so highly…


Craigslist is wonderful for one very big reason. Google loves them. Google will place a Craigslist ad above almost anything else if you write your headline correctly and use the right keyword phrase in the ad. That’s the key to getting great results from Craigslist. You have to target the ad to the right search term, not the name of your product.

There is also a  good book on how to use craigslist. That is, if you don’t want to hire me to create your ads for you 🙂



USFree Ads is something I recently discovered and I have been very pleased with the results, the backlinks and the price. When I first discovered it, I was wary. I was used to craigslist and already knew they were a very effective marketing tool for clients (and my business and products).

However, I found out about USFreeAds from an online review of it and decided it was worth a try. I mean, what the heck, it’s free. 

I actually got some good results from it.

And Google seems to like the link. Even if you don’t get any business from the site, it’s still worth it to have an ad on there for the backlink. This is a Google Page Rank 5 site. And I failed to mention earlier that craigslist is PR 7! Now that’s some serious Google juice. Backlinks from sites like this are how you get pushed up in the search engine rankings.

Another great thing about USFreeAds is that they actually offer short courses on how to write effective ads and ad headlines that really sell. In fact, I recommend going to USFreeAds before you go to craigslist and learning how to write a killer ad so you can make sure your craigslist ad works just as well.

Here are the links again:

  • USFreeAds
  • Craigslist
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    1. Barbara Mednick  April 7, 2010

      Bob – Thanks for the great information – I wasn’t aware of these free ad systems – what a great resource! It is also good to know that USFreeAds offers short courses on how to write effective ads because it is important to write a captivating headline that will sell.

    2. John Soulliere  April 8, 2010

      I concoure> I to have had very good results with Craigslist. I have not used USFreeAds and will give them a try. Thanks for the advice.
      Click name.

    3. Organic SEO Services  April 8, 2010

      Thank you Bob for the interesting information. I knew of lots of these sites, but didn’t have the type of experience that you have.

      Frankly speaking, my problem was which one to use. Now, I know it from you which ones are more beneficial. I also check out the free courses on how to write a good ad. They’re really helpful too.

      By the way, here’s a question for you: What do you think of free classified sites? Are they useful in terms of SEO or web exposure too?

      Rahman Mehraby
      Site Booster

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