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Welcome to Freeman Wehmhoff Gatlin PLLC!

We provide Accounting, Tax Review and Preparation services.
We also specialize in Forensic Accounting, Insurance Litigation, Expert Witness Testimony, Business Valuation and Insurance Coverage Disputes.
Our mission is to provide you Smart Accounting with Strategic Solutions.
Our goal is to provide you the best information available to be able to make an informed decision.
Our duty is to protect your assets, both personal and for your company. We strive to stay ahead of the business curve and be pro-active and not reactive to the ever changing business environment.
We cherish every relationship and work hard for our clients and their specific needs.

Specialized Services:

Complete Business Tax and Financial Analysis Planning. We use the most current tax laws to benefit your personal and professional wealth building. Our staff has performed countless hours of research to be able to offer you the finest solutions and strategies to out perform your expectations.

FWG has extensive experience advising individuals and closely held businesses in the areas of accounting, taxation and strategic planning.   FWG's closely held business experience makes us uniquely qualified to provide attorneys and insurers with expert advice on loss claims.  FWG's accountants know how to interpret financial records because FWG's accountant's work with small businesses and individuals on their accounting issues everyday.  Our accountants have worked on hundreds of cases, gaining a reputation for competence and creativity in the analysis of business financial records.  Whether a claim arises from catastrophe, negligence, fraud, divorce, injury or death, FWG can provide expert assistance on business or personal income losses, business valuation and forensic accounting.  Just a sample of the types of cases FWG's accountants have assisted on include:


  • Business interruption due to fire or natural disaster
  • Earnings loss due to copyright infringement
  • Income loss due to personal injury and wrongful death
  • Employee embezzlement
  • Insurance coverage disputes
  • Inventory Losses
  • Business Valuation


FWG can provide loss calculations, assistance with case preparation, including preparation of deposition questions for opposing parties and their experts, preparation of document requests, analysis of financial records and expert testimony at deposition or trial. 



If All You're Looking For Is A Bookeeper, You've Come To The Wrong Place

We're problem-solvers.

FWGCPA is a small business, just like you. We face the same challenges everyday that you do.

The difference is, because we're accountants, we have systems and resources in place that let us discover and solve problems before they become major issues that rob us of our time, assets and money.

The same systems and resources we can bring to bear on your company.

If all you're looking for is someone to count your money, we can suggest plenty of other accounting firms. But if you are looking for a problem-solver who can give you real advice and help as you grow and expand your business, someone who can put systems in place that give you real-time answers and information about your business, then give us a call or email us.

We're here to help.

Freeman Wehmhoff Gatlin PLLC

Smart Accounting. Strategic Solutions.

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