Private Label Annoncement


Hyson Teas (Pvt) Ltd together with Ceylon Treasures are launching a product range of high quality Pure Ceylon Teas for private labeling in USA.

The joint force will certainly offer the connoisseur a product range to cater to all tastes, ages and nationalities. Be it tea bags, loose leaf, Black tea, green teas, herbal teas or specialty teas, Hyson provides the consumer/connoisseur with a tea to suit the mood and taste of every individual. Thus Hyson will always remain true to its promise ultimate in Quality.

Our customer packaging will meet the needs of consumer such as small packaging size, uncompromising quality and unique packaging in order to preserve the quality of tea.

The in depth marketing experience of Ceylon Treasures and the passion of Hyson to create high quality unique blends will create great interest in individual custom packaging for an unparalleled tea experience.


New Private Label Source For Coffee Roasters and Tea Retailers

Recognizing that small chain coffee roasters and tea retailers need the private label advantage enjoyed by the big chains, Ceylon Treasures and Hyson Teas have teamed up to produce a range of high quality Pure Ceylon Teas from Sri Lanka for private labeling in the United States and Canada.

With our extensive experience applying exclusive marketing designs to our consumer-friendly, quality tea packaging, any small chain can differentiate themselves from other retailers. Whether the need is tea bags, black or green teas, or herbal/ specialty teas, Ceylon Treasures and Hyson Teas have years of combined experience creating private-label tea products that fulfill the unique needs of small chain coffee roasters and tea retailers.

Ceylon Treasures and Hyson Teas have gone to great lengths to guarantee their exclusive private label tea products have earned the right to carry the Lion symbol, the quality seal of approval from the Sri Lanka Tea Board. Contact Richard Boehm of Ceylon Treasures at (877) 990-1990 for more information.