Search Engine Book: TRUST BUT VERIFY- How to Keep
Your Search Engine Optimization Firm From
Taking You to the Cleaners!

search engine bookSearch engine book: As a search engine optimzation expert, I've heard too many horror stories from small business owners who paid thousands of dollars for "search engine optimization" from some out-of-state company that contacted them and promised or guaranteed first listing in Google, MSN and Yahoo.

If the victim was lucky, the so-called SEO firms either did nothing or used old tricks that are no longer effective. If they were unlucky, the SEO firm used "black hat" methods that got their site banned from the Internet.

Search engine book was written because small business owners need someone to tell them the truth about what search engine optimization really is, how it works, what to expect, and what to watch out for. That's why I wrote this book.

It is an insurance policy for business owners so they don't get "taken to the cleaners" by shady SEO firms.

There are plenty of honest SEO firms in the US and Canada. But there are enough dis-honest search engine optimization firms to give the rest of us a black eye.

Read this book. Get the facts. Arm yourself with this search engine book so you can sit down with your SEO firm and get the straight answers you need to make an informed decision.


The Basics
What is Search Engine Optimization and How Does It Really Work?
What you can do, what you should know
Meta tags are just the beginning
Search engine algorithms
Relevant content
Relevant links (incoming)
Relevant links (outgoing)
Relevant links (internal)
The only people you care about are in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Don’t use generic search terms
Every page must be unique
One final caveat about search engine optimization

Who Needs Search Engine Optimization and Why?
What’s the big deal about Search Engine Optimization?
Why Search Engine Optimize if I’m sending people to my site?
Of course, it’s not all about Search Engine Optimization
What you don’t find on my site

What You Absolutely Must Know About Search Engine Optimization

Keywords and Meta Tags
What search engines really want
Watch out for bad SEO advice
Okay, so what did we learn?
Incoming Link Popularity Trumps All Other Search Engine Optimization
Incoming Link Popularity
The Web is a popularity contest

Then What?
If You Want to Know What Google Thinks is Proper Search Engine Optimization…Ask Them
Why follow Google's advice?
The top three organic results get 60% of the clicks from searchers.
Are You Search Engine Optimizing Your Website Articles?
Have they been monetized at all? No.
So what am I going to do about it?
Avoiding the Fancy Stuff - Java, Flash, DHTML
First Check Your Links for Basic Search Engine Optimization
Never Search Engine Optimize Your Website - Optimize Individual Pages of Your Website
Thinking about page optimization
Don’t dilute your website optimization
Optimize for One Keyword or Phrase per Page
Using a single theme per page
Plenty of relevant text or web copy
Limit your description meta tag
Regularly Adding Relevant Content to Your Business Website Benefits Your SEO in Two Ways
The first reason relevant content is so important to search engine rankings
The second reason adding relevant content improves search engine rankings
There are two caveats that go with links from other sites.
A Rising Tide Lifts All Websites
No home run in Search Engine Optimization
Swapping links
We’re all in this together
Search Engine Optimized Web Copy or SEO Copywriting
Insurance Agents and Realtors need to use ‘feeder’ websites

What the…?
Internal Anchored Links - Things Google Loves Part One
Google loves anchored links
Latent Semantic Indexing in Search Engine Optimization
How does latent semantic indexing work?
Think old search engine optimization
Make a Splash Screen That Does What You Need AND Gets Great Search Engine Placement
Let's say you're a marketing firm with two divisions
Why Mirror Sites, Doorway Pages and Splash Screens Are Bad For Your Website
Mirror sites
Doorway pages and Splash Screens

I’ve Never Meta Tag I Didn’t Like
Your Title Meta Tag - Things Google Loves Part Two
People rarely search by business name
How to think about your title meta tag
And one more thing
Your Title Meta Tag Should Be Your Very First Meta Tag
Keep it short and sweet
How do I pack as much information in my title tag as possible?
Meta Tags for Your Small Business Website

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It will also help you avoid “black hat” SEO people who use out-dated "tricks" that will get you banned by the search engines. The short-cuts they use often backfire. And once your website gets banned by the search engines, there’s not much we, or anyone else, can do for you.

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Search engine book - TRUST BUT VERIFY: How to Keep Your Search Engine Optimization Firm From Taking You to the Cleaners!