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From: Jennifer Madsen
Subject: RE: Here's Lesson 11
Date: Wed, 14 May 2008 02:47:46

Dear Bob,

I have read all of the lessons so far (including #11 you sent today) and have tried to incorporate my learnings into the documents I am sending you right now. I am going to go out with a bang tonight and try to stay up and finish the worksheet in Lesson#11 by midnight. Once you get that, it would be great to send my Lesson #12. I will read it and do any exercises while you look over this e-mail. It has been a great course, I must tell you that. I look forward to your feedback.


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Stich Simple is number 5 on first page of Google

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You will be trained in the ins and outs of professional Search Engine Optimization that will help you dominate your segment of the 'Net or make big money search engine optimizing web sites for clients. Learn to use your SEO training to drive your web site or client's websites, straight the top of Google, Yahoo and MSN.

With this SEO book you will learn how to find the right keywords for your web site, optimize each page of your web site effectively, and shove your site to the top of the listings for your keywords. This is pure "how-to-do-it" search engine optimization training. Not old tricks, faded gimmicks, or so-called "black hat" SEO methods that get web sites banned.

This SEO training manual is designed for any website including B-to-B and B-to-C websites that need SEO. While the two types of web sites require a different approach, many of the same methods work for both. The differences will be explained.

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  • Understand what the search engines AND people are looking for and how to make them both happy
  • Know how to find the right SEO keywords that drive targeted searchers to your website. The people who are searching for your product or service!
  • Learn the mistakes that cause search engines to ban your site - if you are currently getting search engine optimization training in the outdated "free" search engine "tricks" you find on the web, you could drop in the search engine standings or worse, get banned altogether. Do you really believe the search engine optimization professionals give their secrets away for free?
  • Get amazing free statistical information for your web site that get more purchases, leads, contacts, or contact information from web site visitors. This free information is great for learning to target only the real buyers and then make multiple sales including front end, back end and trailing sales through improved SEO.
  • Never have to pay someone's exorbitant prices to SEO any website you own ever again!

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