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Every business book on this page has just one purpose. To help you get more business or make more money from the business you have. You won't find business theory or marketing theory business books or "general" business books. You won't buy these business books to write a paper for college. You'll buy these business books because they're full of hard-nosed, practical information and how-to for business people.

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trust But Verify SEO book


How to Keep Your Search Engine Optimization Firm From Taking You to the Cleaners!

This book was written for business owners, marketing professionals and human resource professionals who either plan to hire a search engine optimization consultant, contractor or a direct employee to do search engine optimization.

it wasn't written to make you an expert on "how to do it". Rather, it was written to help you know the right questions to ask SEO professionals and what answers to expect back if they truly know the subject. It is written in easy to understand language with no "jargon" that doesn't come with a full explanation.

Here is a sampling of what is in this search engine optimization reference ebook:

  • What is Search Engine Optimization and How Does It Really Work?
  • Keywords and Meta Tags
  • Watch out for bad SEO advice
  • Incoming Link Popularity
  • What search engines really want
  • Avoiding the Fancy Stuff - Java, Flash, DHTML
  • Don’t dilute your website optimization
  • Regularly Adding Relevant Content to Your Business Website Benefits Your SEO in Two Ways
  • There are two caveats that go with links from other sites
  • No home run in Search Engine Optimization
  • And a whole lot more!

When you finish this easy to read ebook, you'll know more than a lot of so-called experts in SEO and certainly be able to discuss search engine optimization with any professional in the business so they can't "pull the wool over your eyes."

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New small business marketing ebook:

Small Businees Marketing book cover


How to Dominate Your Competition Both Online & Offline!

Small business marketing is a tough road. There are a lot of small businesses that either go belly up or just never make enough money to support the person who starts it. And it always comes down to one factor. Marketing.

Either they couldn't figure out how to market their product or service without breaking the bank, chose the wrong marketing methods, or maybe worst of all, they didn't market themselves at all. And i've seen all three. In fact, I could introduce you to people right now who violate one of these three precepts and are either struggling or failing.

Don't be one of them!


Here is a sampling of what is in this small business marketing ebook:

  • What's your “hook”?
  • Offline marketing is mandatory for online businesses
  • Six things you must know before your business website can be successful
  • Using integrated articles to turn website visitors into buyers or contacts
  • Small business marketing is all about “real estate”
  • Are you selling your product or service or your logo?
  • How to create an effective, free online marketing campaign
  • How do you get comfortable as the center of attention?
  • The Richard Branson Way
  • Five things you can do to get attention
  • And a whole lot more!

This valuable little book is crammed with ideas and tools to get you found, get you noticed and get your sales. Because in small business marketing, nothing else matters! Get the book now!

Value: Priceless! Your cost: $9.99

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