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How can a SEO copywriter do all that for a web designer?

You might be saying to yourself, “I don't care about the copy. I just want to design the site, get it uploaded, and bill it.”

Well, here are the problems with that:

  • How many times have you had to sit on a job waiting for the client to come up with copy?
  • Do you get jobs from referral? If the site generates no phone calls, emails or traffic because the copy is badly written, is your client going to be excited about recommending you to others?

Bad copy is epidemic

How many times have clients given you copy that looks like it was rattled off in five minutes and is full of spelling and editing mistakes? Or was so obviously written by an amateur that it's painful to read?

Every business needs a website

Business people all know they need a website. However, business people don't have time to learn how to design a website. And they are usually intimidated by the idea. So most websites are designed by a professional like you.

Why website copy fails

But when it comes to the copy, most websites fall down for two reasons:

  • Either the copy was written by someone at the business who doesn't know how to write marketing copy or...
  • They hand you their brochure and tell you to put that on their site.

The problem is, writing for websites is a unique skill that requires a different and professional approach.

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Brochures on websites


If they give you their brochure to put on their site, the site will be a failure. A brochure is effective only in the hands of a sales person who knows how to make a pitch and close a sale. The brochure is only a reminder of the features and benefits of the firm's product or service.

Joe's Auto Service

Case in point: If you walk into an auto service shop and the owner says, “Welcome to Joe's Auto Service”, hands you a brochure, and goes back to work, what are the odds you'll use them?

People invest in the jockey, not the horse

A salesperson's job is not to rattle off tons of information about a company's product or service. If that made a sale, there would be no salespeople because all buying decisions would be made by reading brochures with simple bullet points of features and benefits. (Like most websites!)

People do business with people they trust and have made an emotional connection with. In other words, they invest in the jockey, not the horse.

If people are going to do business with a company based on what they find on the website, the website must make an emotional impact. It must connect the product or service to the visitor's needs, wants or problems, or they'll be gone in a mouse click.


Content is King. The more relevant content there is on a website, the better placement it will get in the search engines.

If the website is search engine optimized, I know how to write the title, description and compelling copy that utilizes the unique keywords for each page without it looking or reading like I “stuffed” the copy with keywords.

Advantages of being a full service or multiple service firm

The more services you can offer a client, the more attractive your firm is. Business people don't have the time and don't want to bother with coordinating a website project. They would prefer to just contract with one person or business to get it done.

Collaboration is the key to focusing on your strengths but still offering full service. I can take care of the copywriting so you can focus on what you do best. You can either plug my quote into yours and add your twenty percent or you can have me work directly with your client. Which ever works best for you and your client.

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