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Want to Dominate The 'Net but don't know how?

Internet Marketing with WordsmithBob says: YOU KNOW IT'S IMPORTANT for you to keep close tabs on your marketing costs. But it's even more important to see exactly what return you're getting for your marketing dollar. Well, now you can do both with...


Internet Marketing Blitz™ from WordsmithBob gives you Predictability, Flexibility, Accountability and Control of your tailored online marketing campaign!

You don't have time to study Internet marketing, much less do it. We've been in the Internet sales and marketing biz a long time. Take advantage of our experience!

Want someone to affordably design a program and then "do it for you" plus give you monthly reports tracking:

  • How many new links are sending hungry new visitors to your website
  • How much new traffic you're getting to your website
  • How all that new traffic was acheived

Internet Marketing Blitz™ is a new approach to Internet marketing website promotion. It combines the best of Social Media Marketing, Bookmarking, Article Marketing, Directory Marketing, Strategic Link Building, Blogging and a host of other tools to maximize your visibility all over the Internet in a simple, affordable, "done-for-you" package. But most inportantly, it gives you complete control!

How does Internet Marketing Blitz™ work?

First, we meet by phone, online or in person and establish what you want to achieve online for your business website. I then email you a link to a simple online form you can fill out to give me the information I need to design your Online Marketing Plan. From there, I create your unique Internet Marketing Blitz™ designed specifically for your business website FOR FREE!

After you review and approve the plan, you choose the Action Level that fits your desire and your budget!

(You also have the option to buy your custom plan for $647 and implement it yourself!)

The details...

All work is done by the hour. The more hours per month, the lower the hourly rate. I invoice you shortly before the end of each month for the following month. At that time, you can tell me if you wish to change the number of hours I spend marketing your business online.

Along with the invoice you receive a report detailing hours spent, links created and traffic increase achieved. At all times, we do the work but you are in control!

You choose the hours to be spent per month. If you don’t contact me, I will assume you wish me to continue with the same number of hours and will invoice you accordingly.

We have four different Internet Marketing Blitz™ options to choose from:

  • Value – 2-4 hours per month @ $110 per hour
  • Standard – 5-14 hours per month @ $95 per hour
  • Premium – 15-24 hours per month @ $90 per hour
  • Dominant – 25-49 hours per month @ $85 per hour

Some clients will choose the Dominant level for the first month to get the most bang-for-their-buck out of the gate and then cut back to the Standard or Premium level for the long term. It's entirely up to you how much you spend! And unlike most marketing, you always know exactly what the results are!

The Internet Marketing Blitz™ works for small business, mid-size business or big business.

If you're ready to Dominate The 'Net with SEO Internet marketing, you have three options:

  • You can call WordsmithBob right now at 612-226-7667 and set up an appointment to get your new Internet Marketing Blitz™ running...
  • You can email WordsmithBob right now to set up an appointment to get your new Internet Marketing Blitz™ running...
  • Or you can hope something magically changes and traffic just "shows up" on your website...

Dial 612-226-7667 - Ask for Bob

It's that simple!

Internet Marketing Blitz™ from!


Internet marketing from WordsmithBob in Minneapolis, Minnesota.