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Bob Wayne

poet, writer, memoirist


A Winter’s Dawn at Oliver’s End

by | Aug 24, 2023 | Poetry | 0 comments


Winter prowls through Shingle Creek Park.
Milk-soaked moon
hangs heavy in Oreo sky.

Under jet trees, silence shimmers and flows
like Sleeping Bear Dunes
on Lake Michigan shores.

Snowy landscape where vibration goes to sleep,
snuggled under sifted remains of
dragonfly wings.

Properly attired in marshmallow coat,
gossamer kisses caress my cheek,
as snowflakes pirouette.

Chestnut wings of chickadees flutter, as
horizon’s eye peers through swaying branch.
A last few crystals frolic with glee, for
dawn treads lightly at Oliver’s End.

NOTE: The lines of this poem were shamelessly stolen from my poem A Cup Of Coffee



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