At Least a Fart Will Make You Stand Out In a Crowd"

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I admit. This wasn't the most delicate way to make a point. But it got your attention. So let me throw another line at you. "The person who isn't stepping on any toes is standing still."

Business people can't afford to be wallflowers. And neither can your business. Every business owner I know has had to either force themselves to learn to get in front of people and shake hands and introduce themselves and make a pitch or go looking for a job. You have to learn to network and you have to learn to sell.

Well, not everyone is Sir Richard Branson. He literally built his companies on the force of his personality. He knows how to be a celebrity and get attention.

But, while we aren't all like Sir Richard, we can get attention and we must if our business is to survive and thrive. I'm talking Public Relations. And this is both an Online Marketing and an Off-line Marketing application.

So what are some of the best ways to get attention, get noticed and get to be "the buzz?"

Here are three of my favorites:

  • Put out a press release every five weeks - If you don't understand how press releases work, get it done by a professional. You can read my article on "How To Write a Successful Online Press Release" or you can hire a Public Relations professional who already has the media contacts and knows how to write a press release that gets attention.

  • Start publishing articles in online article directories - If you do it right and use link bait in your titles and use keyword research to figure out what keywords to target, you can get a lot of attention and a lot of traffic just publishing 350-400 word articles online. Here's an article on using Article Submission sites for Article Marketing. This article is about using integrated articles on your website.

  • Use social media to get noticed and establish your authority - social media sites now number in the thousands. You can either pursue the big favorites like Biznik and Linked In or you can find targeted niche social media sites where your potential clients or customers hang out and start a page there. Start answering questions. If they have a forum or something like Yahoo Answers on the site, start answering questions to establish your expertise. Here are some articles that will help:

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