The ad Claude Hopkins created to take Schlitz Beer from
8th in Sales to Number One in America

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Claude Hopkin's famous Schlitz Beer ad

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Perfection of 50 Years

Back of each glass of Schlitz beer there is an experience of 50 years. In 1848, in a hut, Joseph
Schlitz began brewing. Not like Schlitz beer of today; but it was honest. It was the best beer
America had ever brewed. This great brewer today has new methods. A half-century has taught us perfection. But our principles are 50 years old, our aims are unaltered.

Schlitz beer is still brewed without regard to expense, according to the best that we know.
We send experts to Bohemia to select the best hops in the world.

An owner of the business selects the barley, and buys only the best that grows.

A partner in our concern supervises every stage of the brewing.

Cleanliness is not carried to greater extremes in any kitchen than here. Purity is made imperative.
All beer is cooled in plate glass rooms, in filtered air. The beer is filtered. Then it is sterilized, after being bottled and sealed.

We age our beer for months in refrigerating rooms before it goes out. Otherwise Schlitz beer would cause biliousness, as common beer does.

Ask for beer, and you get the beer that best suits your dealer.

He may care more for his profit than your health. Ask for Schlitz, and you get the best beer the world ever knew.

Ad written by Claude Hopkins for Schlitz Brewing Company in the early Twentieth Century that drove Schlitz to the number one selling beer in America.

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