Embedded Commands - Getting Website Visitors To
Do What You Want Them To Do

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Embedded commands are not as sinister as they sound. Just like hypnosis, you can't force people to do what they don't want to do. However, you can nudge them into action if they are already leaning that way.

What are embedded commands?

Embedded commands are one of the oldest tricks in Direct Marketing. But it's highly applicable to web pages. Especially since most people scan web pages looking for what catches their eye and then read that.

The easiest way to understand embedded commands is to see examples of them.

“Doesn't it make sense to buy our Auto Detailing Service ?”

Simple and harmless question. However, by highlighting “ buy our Auto Detailing Service ”, I've created an embedded command. This command bypasses the conscious mind and goes straight into the subconscious.

Here's another example:

“The easiest way to guarantee you'll stay informed on important financial news is to sign up for our newsletter right away .”

Do you see the embedded command?

You don't want to use a lot of embedded commands on every page. Subtlety is the key here. However, if you just use it once or twice on a page, it will work effectively.

How do you create embedded commands?

It's actually pretty easy. The trick is to write the command first and then couch it in a harmless question or suggestion. Say you have a new software package you want people to buy. Start with the command:

buy our software package now

Then create a question or statement to “embed” it in:

You'll get a 20% discount if you buy our software package now before you leave the site.

More to Copy Writing than listing features…

I will continue to reveal the “tricks of the trade” to Copy Writing for websites. As you filter through the articles on my site, you'll learn ideas and methods that you can apply to your site.

People aren't corporations and they aren't logical machines. They buy on emotion and justify with logic afterwards. To learn how to take advantage of this fact in your website copy, follow the "buy on emotion" link above.

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