Great Marketing Systems Have You Consulting
Rather Than Selling

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A great marketing system is all about automating the process of marketing so you can spend your time selling rather than prospecting.

There's no such thing as a product or service that can't be sold on the web. Now before you B-to-B people start complaining that "nobody is going to whip out their credit card and buy our $750,000 whatsit on the web", let me say you're right. BUT!!! Read on...

I've helped enough companies line up sales leads by the dozens with their web site to know that it doens't matter what you sell...the process can start on your web site.

Very few of my clients sell on the web. However, they've found the Internet to be an excellent place to get sales leads. If you know how to drive traffic to your web site.

And let me ask you which you prefer:

Spending a grueling day on the phone calling people who don't want to be called or interrupted and fighting with "gate-keepers," or...

...talking to prospects that have either called you for more information, or emailed you, or filled out a form to be contacted, or downloaded a free white paper that put them in a positive frame of mind about how you can help them?

Lastly, I had a meeting once with an engineering firm CEO who told me, "people in our industry only do business with people that were recommended to them by somebody."

In a very small world with a very small market, that might still exist. If you manufacture nuclear power plants then this article will be useless to you.

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However, in today's world, everyone looks on the 'Net. Even if they only do business with companies they've gotten a recomendation about, they are going to check the Internet to see if there are any other companies that might look interesting that they should talk to.

Which activity do you want your sales people doing? Spending hours on the phone trying to get prospects or selling to people who contacted you because they're already interested?

So, how do you get those automated sales leads coming in? One way is a linking strategy. There are several ways to accomplish this.

Marketing through Social networking sites

One is getting a page set up on as many social marketing sites as possible. It only takes a couple of hours to sign up and create a page on a social networking site and post all the information you can about your company and your products or services. if you have a portfolio, post it.

In other words, within a few days, you could have pages on twenty different social networking sites, each linking to your web site. And these are high-quality, one way links from high page rank sites. very powerful stuff for search engine optimization.

There are also many of these social networking sites that target a specific market. Search the Internet for some of these sites. If you find one specific to your market, create a page!

Article Marketing through article posting sites

One of the top search engine optimization firms in the country got that way by using this strategy alone. They had a young lady in their office do nothing but crank out articles on search engine optimization and post them at free article listing sites all over the web. At the bottom of each article was a small blurb about the company with a link back to the company web site.

Within a year, they were sitting near the top of Google for search engine optimization. And they've never left.

You can follow this link to a list of the top article posting sites on the web.

If you post an article on your web site (and I recommend that some of them get posted there so you have some quality content on your site), do not post that article on any of the article sites. Google will ding you for "duplicate content."

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