How To Get Free Reports On Your Website's Performance

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Want free reports on how well your business website is performing? There are actually several things you can do and places you can go that will give you powerful information about your website that you can utilize to improve your websites performance and get more business for free!

I’m sure most of you may have some kind of analytics package for your business website that gives you some very helpful information. And I doubt if a lot of you even look at them or know what you’re looking at if you do. That is the first place to start. Get someone to help you understand those statistics so you can start using that information to get more targeted traffic to your website. the way....i think you are absolutely amazing.....i was so hit the nail on the head and after just such a short time with me. i hope to send you a lot of business and i want to do a lot of business with you as well...

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However, in addition to your analytics package, there are several other tricks I’m going to teach you here that will teach you some important facts about your website. This is information you can use to help build your website’s traffic and also move your business website up the ranks in Google!

Analysis websites that will give you free reports on your business website

I recently found a website that issues free reports on websites. While it isn’t a real extensive report like I put together for my clients, it will give you a good idea on:

  • how your website is ranking in the search engines
  • what problems it has
  • some suggestions on how to fix the issues or make your website better

Why is this last bullet point important? Because Google penalizes websites that have:

  • broken links, open slowly
  • have badly written code
  • are not W3C compliant
  • etc.

And these are all things that neither you nor even your web designer may know. But now you can find out if your website is having any of these problems and get them fixed.

The website is called Website Grader and you can click on the link to get to it. When you get to the website, this is what you'll see:

Website Grader home page image

Here's a little bit of the amazing information you'll get for free from this website analysis:

Website Grader report for image

The report goes on for several more pages. The important thing to note is that for one, it's all in plain English. Very little jargon. But what I really like is that it gives you real, actionable steps you or your webmaster can take to improve your website's performance.

And not just in the eyes of Google (which is very important), but also improves the performance of your website for the people who come there to shop, learn, or whatever your website's purpose is.

This is free information that can really improve your website. Get it!

Another quick and easy tool to learn about your website...

It's really important to learn how many people are linking to your website and where they are coming from. The previous report tells you how many one-way links you have which is very important because Google considers one-way incoming links a vote of confidence for your website and will boost you in the rankings because of them.

However, it doesn't tell you where those links are coming from. And that's important because I had a recent client who used an off-line marketing firm to boost his site in the search engines. And since they knew little about online promotion, they hired a firm out of India to "build one-way incoming links." Great right? That's what we want, right?

Well, you get what you pay for when you don't keep an eye on the people doing the work. They wound up with a lot of the incoming links coming from porn directories! Because he'd left it to a "low-cost" firm he found on the Internet to do his online marketing campaign, he got a bunch of questionable links into his website. And they actually hurt his placement in the search engines.

So how do we see where our incoming links are coming from? It's actually pretty easy. Open your browser. If you don't have a Yahoo search toolbar, go to Yahoo Search:

...and type the following into the search bar, substituting your domain name for mine:


Below is an image of the results I get:

Yahoo Link Search report for image

One of the research tools I use to analyze my clients (and my competitors) also tells me that I have 448 incoming, one-way links; something I have worked hard to cultivate so I get a non-stop stream of incoming traffic, visitors and attention.

I've done this by following and commenting on related industry blogs, posting articles online, creating directory listings, constantly adding valuable content to my website with internal articles and steadily blogging. And also using some proprietary tools I'm not going to tell you about.

Hey! A guy's gotta have some secrets, don't cha know!

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