How To Submit To Social Bookmarking Sites For Small Business Promotion

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How to submit to social bookmarking sites for small business promotion is a short article that simply tells you what to do, how to do it, and where to do it. If you want theory or a long dissertation on why and how it works, there are plenty of articles on that. This is a "just do it" article.

UPDATE (6-11-10) - I've started using an automated social bookmarking service that's not only cheap but amazingly effective. Way more effective than I was sitting at my computer doing all this bookmarking manually. Read a review of this social bookmarking service.

Social bookmarking sites are kind of like social networking and social media sites. New ones are constantly appearing and struggling sites that weren't monetized properly are disappearing just as fast. I went to bookmark my latest blog post recently and found one of the sites I was bookmarking to, "couldn't be found" by Google. So much for those guys.

This is just going to be a short list of the best known and most stable bookmarking sites. However, a few caveats...

  1. Don't submit only your own stuff. Mix in some other content and articles from other website that interest you. If it's all just your own stuff, both visitors to your bookmarking list and Google will know what you're doing and ignore you.

  2. Don't be the only one bookmarking your articles, blog posts, and content. Get friends, relatives and employees to bookmark your "stuff" from their own private bookmarking accounts.

Okay, here's the list:

There are plenty more bookmarking sites out there but this list is more than enough to do everything you'll need. Just create accounts with three or four of them and get to work.


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