Regularly Adding Relevant Content to Your Business
Website Benefits Your SEO in Two Ways

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Actually, there are many benefits to your company from regularly adding relevant content to your website besides just search engine optimization. But for this article, I want to site the two biggest SEO benefits.


The long term strategy that I took away from you had to do with dominating the web and branding the firm to the idea but first things first. I need participants to this seminar.  So, yeah that looks to be the best first step.

Thanks to both you for the website promotion and Lisa for the website design.  I am very grateful that I know you two.


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First, though, we have to define 'relevant content’. From a website copywriter’s standpoint, I define relevant content on a business website as any information on your website that answers the questions of people who might be interested in your product or service.

Some examples would be:

  • Frequently asked questions
  • Newsletter articles
  • Blogs
  • Case studies & success stories
  • White papers
  • Integrated Articles

The first five are pretty self explanatory. However, 'integrated articles’ is a term I’ve coined to explain how website copy should be written for maximum Internet marketing benefit and maximum visitor conversion. The quick definition of Integrated Articles is:

"…writing the copy on a website so that it is both an informative article and at the same time guides the visitor to a buying decision before they can leave.”

For a more in depth explanation on how to use Integrated Articles to convert website visitors into buyers or leads, please read the article "Using Integrated Articles to Maximize Website Visitor Conversions”.

The first reason relevant content is so important to search engine rankings

Now, let’s look at why relevant content is so important to the search engines. Relevant content is what Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask are looking for when they search the web. Someone has asked them a question and they are looking for the answer.

Search engines are big money makers. But only if people are using them. And people choose their search engine based on whether that search engine guides them to the best sources of information, not a product or service. Unless someone specifically puts in the name of your product, service or company, most likely the search engines will direct them to the website that has proven to have the most relevant content and the most up-to-date content on the subject matter.

And how do the search engines decide who has the most up-to-date information? It’s pretty simple to figure out. Whoever is updating and adding information to their website most often is going to get the most traffic from them. As long as they determine by meta tags and content comparison that it’s relevant to the website and the query.

UPDATE - (6-9-2010) I'm now using an article spinner to take one article and turn it into 250 different articles. Does that sound like an amazing time saver? Read this review of the best article spinner.

The second reason adding relevant content improves search engine rankings

So now we’ve established why relevant content is so important to search engines. Now let’s look at the other reason why regularly adding fresh content is key to search engine optimization. Search engines aren’t the only people out there searching for relevant content to serve their visitors.

Many large, highly ranked websites are also looking for helpful information or related information to guide people to. Many government sites are looking for resources to send people to from their site. Non-profit and association websites are also looking for websites to link to that might help their visitors. Even some TV, radio, and newspaper or magazine sites will link to other sites that have helpful information or useful articles.

Why is this important? Because the search engines consider those links as votes of confidence for your website. It’s one thing for the search engines to make an informed guess that your information will be useful to people making a particular search. It’s another thing altogether for another site to link to you because they think your information or articles are important for their visitors. Links to your website are gold.

There are two caveats that go with links from other sites.

First, a lot of SEO firms try to build up your web rankings by paying for links from other sites to yours or placing paid links to your site on other websites. These can backfire and hurt your rankings if Google decides they are paid links or that they are coming from sites that have nothing to do with your content.

Second, the search engines look at the standings of the sites linking to you. If the site linking to you is even lower in the search engines than you are, the link won’t help you much or possibly, not at all. You want top quality links, from sites that are relevant to your content, and that are either higher in the search engine rankings than you or at least very high in the rankings.


There are plenty of very good reasons to regularly add relevant content to your website. However, in terms of search engine optimization, it comes down to:

  • The search engines love sending people to content relevant to their query, and…
  • The search engines consider links from other sites a vote of confidence in your website content

If you regularly follow these two rules, you will find yourself steadily climbing in your website rankings.

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