The Most Powerful Headline Ever Written

“How Doctors Stay Well While Treating Sick People”

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Do you think this is the most powerful headline ever written? This headline is considered by many in the marketing world to be one of the most powerful headlines ever conceived. Why?

It combines the four things that every headline should have:

  • A promise “How doctors stay well…”
  • Proof “How doctors stay well…”
  • It peaks curiosity
  • And an immediate reward for reading the following “article”.

Would you like to know the second most powerful headline ever written?

“Fresh, hot pizza in thirty minutes or it's free.”

Remember when Dominos hit the public with this promise? Okay, it was a tagline. But the principles are the same. They didn't promise great pizza or even great tasting pizza. They just promised fresh, hot pizza. They created curiosity, demand (I'm hungry now and I know I'll have hot pizza in 30 minutes) and anticipation with an “offer you couldn't refuse.”

Thirty minutes or it's free.

You may remember watching the clock or arguing with the driver in hopes of free pizza.


Fresh and hot or it's free.

You can't beat that for a guarantee and they didn't use the burned-out word “guarantee.” They made a PROMISE .

And yet, it wasn't another lame “give-away.” Everyone knows there's no free lunch. So no one trusts you when you use the word free.

Sure, I offer to do free website reviews. I'm hoping you'll say, “Jeez, this guy really knows his stuff. He hit the problems right on the mark. I want him to write new copy for my site.” And I also make sure that you know you can take my review and toss it or give it to your admin person or my competitor to rewrite the site. No strings attached.

But everyone has a little gambler in them. Everyone loves to watch “the big play.” The emotion of hope is much more powerful than some BS offer no one trusts.

Dominoes built an empire on that one headline. A pain reliever company created astounding sales with that “doctor” headline. Come up with a headline that offers a promise, proof, curiosity, and a reward, and you'll have customers and clients eating out of your hand.

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