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Bob Wayne

poet, writer, memoirist



by | May 19, 2023 | Poetry | 0 comments


BOWL – \ꞌbōl\n
1: a concave usu. nearly hemispherical vessel
2: the hollow of a spoon or tobacco pipe
3: a natural formation or geographical region shaped like a bowl…


                                                                                               The halo of light

                                                                    enfolding my daughter and me

                                         moments after her birth;

                            my hand cupping crystal water,

                life rejoicing in life. . .

  The hairless crown

of my father’s lifeless head

lying on a satin pillow;

the ultimate nonsequitor…

Cleansing fire

   turning bad memories to ash;

                  lying helpless in the bottom of a dying year. . .

                                Immersing the resurrection plant in water;

                                                unfolding life.

                                                                     Pagan celebration

                                                                                             of beginning.



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