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Shouldn't you hire a professional to write your copy and do your search engine optimization?

You don't just hire marketing people because they can make pretty graphics. You hire them for their marketing expertise. And that's why they hire copy writers.

And when you hire an expert to design your website, that's what you get: a web design expert. But not a marketing or copy writing expert. That's why you hire a website copywriter and search engine optimization expert.

A copy writer is not a must have...
You can write your own copy or give your brochures to your web designer and have them put it on your website.

But before you do that, there are a few things you must know...

What people on the web don't want..

Would you put your brochure on a billboard? Why not?

Or, if you were meeting a potential client or customer for the first time, would you read them your brochure or hand them your brochure and tell them to read it and get back to you?

Again, why not?

Someone arriving at your website for the first time must be handled the same way you would handle a potential client or customer in a face-to-face.


From the blog of Roshini Rajkumar - Sept. 04, 2007

I am forever grateful for his help in getting me to think about streamlining information on my website and always making it easy for people to reach me or Roshini Multi Media. 

Roshini Rajkumar
Roshini MultiMedia

What people arriving at your website do want...

People come to the web looking for information, not a sales pitch. You need to:

  • draw them in
  • get them reading
  • let them realize they will find answers to their problems here so they don't need to go anywhere else...

And then lead them to your product or service.

What WordsmithBob does...

As a professional web copywriter, I understand how to do this. I've made it my life's work to study:

  • how people use the web and how they use websites
  • what they read and what they ignore on the web
  • what makes web Copy Writing unique
  • what style of Copy Writing works and what Copy Writing doesn't work on the web, and
  • how the search engines find and place your site on the web

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