Website Analysis - Why and What Do I Get?

I used to give these analyses away for free as part of my marketing. in fact, the URL for this page still reads "free website analysis." However, they were so thorough that businesses were taking them and giving them to their employees and telling them, "fix everything this guy reported on our website." So now I charge for them.

But there's a darn good reason to pay an SEO and website marketing expert for one of my analyses. Here's why:

Here's what I look for:

  • Are your Java Script and Style Sheets in their own file folders or are they wasting space in the HTML causing Google to take points away from you?

  • Are your keywords where the Search Engines expect to find them?
  • Is your website focused on serving your visitor or screaming BUY-BUY-BUY from the onset?
  • There's an old marketing axiom: People buy the hole, not the drill. Does your text suffer from "I, Me, My Syndrome", talking all about your product or service, or does it empathize with the customer?
  • People on the web are looking for solutions, not a sales pitch. Does your site have plenty of free "how-to" information to draw people in and get them to stay long enough to get excited about your product or service?
  • Are your graphics complimenting your message or distracting from it?
  • Do the graphics have ALT text full of your keywords? Do the pages have titles loaded with your keywords?
  • Are your graphics complimenting your message or distracting from it?
  • Is your site loaded with Flash, sound, animation and all the other things people find annoying?
  • Is your site easy to navigate?
  • Is your site clear and understandable?
  • And does it make it easy for people to buy, order or contact you for more information?

Click below to see samples of other website analysis reports I've done.

Your investment to get all this information about your website: $300.00

Okay, let's do this! Give me a website analysis!

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