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Bob Wayne

poet, writer, memoirist


I Feel Like

by | May 19, 2023 | Poetry | 0 comments


I feel like…

I never should have made
Left Turns.

A quantum particle
at the gates of Hell.


I feel like…

A Bentley Continental GT
steaming down Hennepin Avenue
catching every light.

A piece of chocolate cake
staring down the tines
of a quivering fork.

Sexuality in a blender.

I feel like…

The unraveling hem
of my mother’s skirt.

A ratty old traffic sign
reeling from a load of buckshot.

Gritty pills in a sweaty fist.

1 feel like…

Crying in a filthy cell.

Trespassing on a bed of nails.

Unloading martyred pigs
for Last Rights…

taking another Left Turn.



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