Online Marketing Products

Includes Organic SEO and SEO Copywriting Training Manuals, Live Training, Seminars and eBooks

Online marketing products were all written and developed by WordsmithBob. Every product involves training or education for small to mid-size business in search engine optimization, website copywriting and Internet marketing...

Some are how-tos. Some are how to not get taken when you hire someone to do it. Either way, they were all designed to multiply your online traffic and multiply your online sales.

None of my products are fluff. I don't have time for that nonsense and neither do you. Besides, my name, contact information and links back to my site are in every one of my online marketing products. Unlike most people selling online marketing products, if you aren't happy, you can talk to the person who created it. Me.

That means you have my personal 100% money-back, no questions asked guarantee:

If for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with any of these products, simply email me for a return of your money, no questions asked, no delay, no BS. You keep the product.

Bob McClain

Online Marketing eCourses

  • SEO Training Manual - (download sample chapter 2)
    • This step-by-step manual has no fluff, theory or "old information." This is hard-core, do-it-yourself, follow my directions and hop to the top of Google worksheets. The free download sample chapter is explanatory. I'm not going to give you chapters three and four which have the rock solid how to do it information for free. Any questions?

  • SEO Training & Website Copywriting Manual - (download sample chapter 2) (download sample chapter 7)
      • This step-by-step manual includes and then goes beyond the SEO manual and takes you into the world of professional copywriting. Have you ever read an advertisement or a website page and almost couldn't help yourself? You had to buy? That's what a professional copywriter can do for any product or service. I teach you all the psychological tricks professional copywriters use to create compulsions and desires for products and services.
  • SEO Copywriting Manual
      • This step-by-step manual includes everything in the Website Copywriting section of the above manual. While it doesn't include the hardcore Organic SEO module, it goes into everything you need to know about modifying your copy for SEO. This is a great manual for someone who wants to write killer sales copy with an emphasis on SEO or who wants to write copy for someone who is supplying the SEO information.

Online Marketing Live Training Classes

Online Marketing eBooks - $9.99 each