Organic Search Engine Optimization Services Are All About Getting Sales or Sales Leads from your Website

Because THAT'S WHAT YOU SHOULD EXPECT from organic SEO. You need quality visitors who contact you or buy from you. What else matters?

Organic search engine optimization services must constantly adapt to the changing methods of the major search engines. Because of the major adjustments made by Google and Yahoo during the past year, we regularly monitor your website so we can adapt our strategies to keep your website near the top of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

1. We have a step-by-step procedure we follow when we search engine optimize a Web Site

  • Marketing ordinarily begins with (a) keyword research, (b) competition research, and (c) content analysis (an analysis of the Web sites of competitors who do particularly well on search engine results pages). You receive a written report on our findings in each of these three areas.

  • After your site has been SEO’d it will be submitted to the major search engines and appropriate directories to include industry specific directories.

  • After all the above has been completed, it's time for a long-term commitment to the addition of new content to your site at least once a month. Google and the others look for sites which frequently add helpful new information. If you do this for six months or a year and then stop, your position with the search engines will quickly start to deteriorate.

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2. Search Engine Optimization for Google differs from optimization for Yahoo and other search engines.

  • There are many variations to what the many search engines look for and they are all different. They don’t want anyone knowing exactly what they do to rank various pages because that would lead to spam and therefore poor results for searchers.

    Over the years we have paid attention to what works and to what has gotten many websites penalized or even banned. These tactics are commonly called Black-Hat SEO and we stay away from anything that even remotely could be termed spam. We focus on White-Hat SEO techniques so you will never have to worry that we would do anything that could harm your Internet presence.

  • 3. We are your Internet marketing company

  • Many businesses now depend on their Internet marketing company to develop new content each month. But even if you develop the new content yourself, you will want your marketing company to review it from the point of view of search engine optimization (inclusion of keywords, anchor text, etc.), not to mention grammar, spelling, and clarity.

4. What role does link development play in marketing a web site?

  • A quantitative approach to getting other sites to link to yours ("the more links the better") used to be a fundamental part of search engine optimization. But just trying to get as many links as possible is no longer appropriate; your strategic linking campaign should focus on quality link development, not quantity. You want sites which are in some way relevant to yours to link to your site because of the helpful information your site offers.

  • Link exchange ("you link to my site and I'll link to yours") is no longer as good an idea as it once was. Google apparently sees those links for what they are and discounts their importance. Bottom line: linking campaigns should now focus on quality content development that entices other websites to link to you and more sophisticated link development strategies.

  • A recent development is the penalizing of websites that sell links without a “no follow” tag along with links that paid you to be on your website. This is a fairly easy fix but could cost you dearly should Google discover this on your website.

5. No one can guarantee 1st position placement in organic search results on any search engine.

  • What we do is “optimize” your website so search engines find it very relevant to search queries and in this way get you good search engine placements (SERPs). What we do guarantee is that your traffic will significantly increase over your current non-optimized website! This means that the more people who visit your website the better your chances are of conversions whether to sales or some other action.

6. Search engines are constantly redoing their algorithms.

  • This means it is important to “tweak” your website from time to time, beyond adding content or changing content, or face losing what you gained in positioning. Since we have already done the research and optimization it is an easier matter to monitor and make minor adjustments as needed to maintain your positioning and to improve the positioning of select page(s) over the long-term.

  • Using our maintenance is a very cost effective way to keep your website competitive.

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It will also help you avoid “black hat” SEO people who use out-dated "tricks" that will get you banned by the search engines. The short-cuts they use often backfire. And once your website gets banned by the search engines, there’s not much we, or anyone else, can do for you.

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