"Organic search engine optimization is the most effective tool to increase targeted traffic to your website..."

If organic SEO wasn't effective, you wouldn't be reading this page.

Organic search engine optimization or organic SEO isn't about advertising, it's not about linking strategies, and it's not about pay per click.

It's about "making your website appear to the search engines like your website is the best place to send searchers looking for your product or service."

Most business websites are more like a brochure:

This is who we are, this is what we do or have. Contact us.

Organic search engine optimization is about giving the search engines what they want

Unfortunately, Google, Yahoo and MSN are not impressed with brochures.

Here's a great way to look at how the search engines work. If you went to the library and asked the librarian for information on under-cabinet DVD players because you wanted to buy the right one for your kitchen, would the librarian hand you a brochure about Best Buy and a list of their products?

If you're curious how effective organic search engine optimization is, read this email I received from a client...

Organice SEO testimonial from Empire Products


Don't jump into Organic SEO without the facts...

There are tons of organic search engine optimization companies in the United States. And while a lot of them are competent and good people, some of them are...questionable. WordsmithBob has written an ebook called:

"TRUST BUT VERIFY: How To Keep Your Search Engine Optimization Firm From Taking You To The Cleaners."

We wrote it to help you decide if organic SEO is right for your organization and if so, how to choose the right organic search engine optimization firm.

Our organic SEO ebook is not a thinly disguised sales pitch for WordsmithBob. If you know me, you know we're not exactly desperate for work around here. Our record speaks for itself.

This is 37 page ebook is packed with information on how organic SEO works, how to determine if your organic search engine optimization firm knows what they're talking about, and what you can do to supplement and multiply the effectiveness of their organic SEO.

If you want to know if Organic SEO is right for your firm, give me a call. It's that simple.

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Use Organic Search Engine Optimization to build your business with help from WordsmithBob.com!

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Search Engine Optimization help...

Read the following articles on search engine optimization. Regardless of whether you contact me for an Online Marketing quote to SEO your website or ask someone else, these articles on SEO will help you ask the right questions and know whether the person who quotes the job really knows how to do effective SEO.

It will also help you avoid “black hat” SEO people who use out-dated "tricks" that will get you banned by the search engines. The short-cuts they use often backfire. And once your website gets banned by the search engines, there’s not much we, or anyone else, can do for you.

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