"Pay Per Click Advertising can be a blessing or a curse..."

Pay per click advertising is the only kind of online advertising I don't teach. I have online courses on search engine optimization, website copywriting and Internet marketing and I give seminars and teach live courses at corporations and events on all these subjects. But I will not teach PPC advertising.


Because pay per click advertising is the one area you can lose your shirt if you aren't monitoring it every minute of the campaign. Especially if you don't know how to set up safeguards. I know, I've watched it happen to friends.

In other words, I don't let friends drive drunk and I don't counsel them to gamble with PPC advertising on their own.

Pay Per Click Advertising is extremely effective if you know what you're doing...

That's why I don't do it myself. I have an expert partner that I bring in when someone asks for a PPC advertising campaign. He's smart, he understands how it works, and he actually likes doing it. (I don't.)

I don't like to complicate things so here's the basics...

If you want pay per click advertising as part of your marketing campaign or as your only marketing tool, I will have my partner contact you and he'll take over from there. Like I said, he's really good which is why I use him. I don't see the point in becomeing an expert in PPC advertising when I have a resourse like him.

if you want to do Pay Per Click yourself, check out Glenn Livingston's freebies...

Get 17 Free AdWords Cheat Sheets, MP3s, and Videos from someone with a proven track record of AdWords success.

If you want a professional to handle your PPC Advertising, give me a call. It's that simple.

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