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This is the most integrated, multi-faceted and powerful approach to Online Marketing.

Search engine marketing services from WordsmithBob combine Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with Article Marketing, Social Network and Social Media Marketing, regular online Press Releases, Video Marketing, Directory Submission and, of course, Blogging and Blog Commenting.

This is the "no-holds-barred, we want to Dominate the 'Net in no uncertain terms" method...

Combining every known form of Online Marketing isn't cheap. But it's incredibly effective. If you're in a business that's strictly local and doesn't have a whole lot of competition, this would be a waste of your money. You'd be far better off using a strong organic search engine optimization plan. Follow the link to learn more.

However, if you're in a competitive industry and you want to grow your firm from local to national or regional to national, this is the most cost effective way to do it. Or, if you've launched a national ad and publicity campaign and you aren't using our search engine marketing services, it's like driving a V-8 with four pistons removed. It might get you down the road but you certainly won't win any races.

You should be using Search Engine Marketing Services from WordsmithBob...

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"ONLINE MARKETING PRIMER: Understanding Online Marketing - What works, what doesn’t, and how to multiply the effectiveness of your Internet marketing dollars!"

This free 38 page ebook is crammed full of information on how online marketing and link campaigns workand how you can use it to supplement and multiply the effectiveness of your organic SEO.

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This 37 page report is packed with information on how organic SEO works, how to determine if your organic search engine optimization firm knows what they're talking about, and what you can do to supplement and multiply the effectiveness of their organic SEO.

Call me and I'll explain how our search engine marketing services work. It's that simple.

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