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A Cup of Coffee

Dragging my weary, sixty year old butt out of bed, sleep knuckles under. Thank the gods it’s Saturday. Kitchen calls, slippers shush, shower can wait… Coffee. Pop the grinder’s lid, flip open the cookie jar of oily heaven… Shit. Dark thoughts echo in...

Quality Of Life

Bouncing across the street in his four-wheel Electri-glide, bandoliers across his chest. Body parts still fish-flap in-out-of-control-caricature. Wind-whipped angel-white hair and eye-patch. Chatting merrily on his...


I’m dreaming of a bellyful of fire, I’ve been dead for so long. Smoke on the horizon, but no smolder in my soul. She walks with matches.

Forest Koan

The leaves screaming in flat voices as timber falls.


I rode my bike the other day. First time in ten years. Childhood howitzer,   flying down a hill,     arms flung wide.       Glowing eyes,         flaming fingertips,           head back,...